Welcome to the London Forex Rush affiliate page.

In this page you will learn everything you need to know to become a top affiliate and earn fantastic commissions promoting the London Forex Rush system.


The product price tag is $97 and the affiliate commission is 60%, which equals to $54 net commission for every sale you generate (ClickBank commission already deducted). The sales page, designed by a professional web designer, has proven to pull out high conversion rates. Furthermore, the system truly is a rock-solid product which keeps customer satisfaction high and refund rates very low.

Here below you can see a screenshot of the results scored by one of our affiliates during the first weekend upon releasing the product:

London Forex Rush analytics

As you can see, the conversion rate is 5.5% (167 sales out of 3069 visits), with ONLY a 1.2% refund rate (2 refunds out of 167 sales) which means very high customer satisfaction! This affiliate made over $8,000.00 for himself within 48 hours, and the only thing he's done is sending the standard email sequence -which you can find down below in this page- to his mailing list.


Who is this product for? The London Forex Rush system has been created for novice and intermediate Forex intra-day traders who are looking for an exciting and successful trading system. The London Forex Rush system caters especially for those with limited screen time due to work and/or family commitments since this system only need two hours per day.

This is a huge market with thousands of money hungry people coming in on a daily basis, and all those people need A) basic education and B) the right tools to succeed. That's exactly what the London Forex Rush system provides them with.

The income possibilities are endless!

Commissions: As already stated, the product price tag is $97 and the affiliate commission is 60%, which equals to $54 net commission for every sale you generate!

Conversion rate: If the traffic is well-targeted, you can expect to convert between 4% to 8% of the visitors you send to the page.

How am I paid out? All the affiliate payouts and sales tracking is handled by Clickbank, the internet's number one affiliate network. They will mail out a check for you with the total of your commissions every two weeks so you will be paid regularly and accurately.

Getting started: Firstly you need to create a ClickBank affiliate account (click here). It's free, painless and quickly! ClickBank is very professional with their affiliate network so you can expect your account to be up and running in no time.

Once you've become a member of Clickbank, you can then send visitors to the London Forex Rush website via a "hoplink", which is nothing but an URL with your affiliate ID built in. That's exactly the URL you have to promote and send traffic to!

The hoplink to the London Forex Rush website is:

(where zzzzzz is your ClickBank ID)

Example: if your Clickbank ID is "JohnDoe", your hoplink is:


As you can see, promoting the London Forex Rush system is very simple. All you need to do is to send traffic to your hoplink and watch the commission checks roll in!


So how can you begin sending traffic and prospects to the London Forex Rush website? There are many ways that have proven profitable:

Google Adwords and Yahoo campaigns: Google adwords (http://adwords.google.com) and Yahoo Overture (http://www.overture.com) are probably the fastest way to promote a product. We have selected a number of narrowly-targeted keywords so you can copy/paste them into your campaign and have it running immediately!


Graphic banners: if you have a blog or website, why not placing some banners with the your hoplink embedded on them? Simply copy/paste the HTML located under your favorite banner on your site - and don't forget to change the "XXXXXX" part with your actual ClickBank ID!














Mailing list: the best possible way of promoting the London Forex Rush system is to send your mailing list a personal recommendation. Here below you can find a standard email message, but feel free to re-craft it as you want.

By the way, don't forget to change the "xxxxxx" on the Clickbank hoplink for you actual Clickbank ID, and also don't forget to add your name at the end of the message.

Alright, here is a three-email sequence technique (24 hours in between each email) that's worked very well for me in the past promoting other Clickbank products:

  1. The first email is rather informative about the product: the characteristics, the benefits and a little bit of sales pitch thrown in as well. With this first email, the prospect becomes aware of the product and its benefits.
  2. The second one, written in "first-person", reveals a positive experience you've had yourself with the product and how it's helped YOU achieving fantastic profits. This second email puts him on "curiosity mode" since other people are reporting profits from using the product. He's thinking "perhaps I am missing out on something good?"
  3. And the third email warns the prospect that he might be about to miss out entirely on the product because the owner might be increasing the price soon due to the overwhelming response he's received. This last email is aimed to "spur" those prospects who needed one last push before placing their order.

Now if you only want to send one email to your mailing list, then go for the first email. But I really recommend you to go for the whole sequence because it's been proven time over time that each consecutive message leverages and increases the buying response from prospects.

FIRST EMAIL (out of three)

SECOND EMAIL (sent 24 hours later)

THIRD EMAIL (sent another 24 hours later)



Product Graphics : Here you can get a selection of product graphics for the 3SMA Forex system. Pick your favorite one, copy & paste the HTML code on your website and embed your affiliate link on it!




Embedded videos: How about mesmerizing your website/blog visitors with a video? Videos pull the highest conversion rates in the internet marketing world and placing a streaming video on your website will undoubtedly boost your sales. Don't forget to wrap it up with a few lines promoting the product with your hoplink tossed in.

Here below you can find two videos and their respective HTML code to embed them into your website or blog.


Copy and paste the HTML code below on your website or blog to display this video


Copy and paste the HTML code below on your website or blog to display this video



That's about it!

Using the graphic banners and embedded videos on your website, the email sequence on your mailing list and a Google Adword campaign you will generate plenty of sales and commissions for yourself. The London Forex Rush system is a fantastic product yielding amazing conversion rates and I am positive you will make a fantastic income by promoting it!

Finally, if you have any question or join venture proposal, don't hesitate to contact me. I will be glad to assist you!


Wishing you huge success,